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S7Droid Lite V1.2

Control-Software for Simatic S7 PLC and Logo 0BA7
S7Droid is a mobile software solution for operating Simatic S7 PLC. To communicate with a S7 device or the new Siemens Logo 0BA7 with Ethernet Port. You need a Ethernet Communication Processor (CP343-?? Or CP443-?? OR CP243). Connection is possible over WiFi or Mobile Network (UMTS with VPN). […]


With iPLC RW you will able to establish IP communication via local Wireless Networks with PLC’s via Modbus or Siemens TCP communication protocols.
Like SCADA applications, iPLC RW will allow you to create several links with different PLC’s and for each link define points of different data types (bool,byte,word,integer,floating point) and read actual values.