The Service of Technological Innovation and Planning (SIPT), in accordance with Miguel Hernández University of Elche leadership, strives to fulfill the needs of the university community in the areas of innovation, teaching, research, and handling & management of information.

Likewise, it provides technical support for calls of teaching innovation, contributes solutions and affords expertise on new emerging technologies in education, research, and management, promotes open standards in free software and hardware, maintains diverse educational services applied to standards that are both open (DSPACE, edX) and proprietary (iTunes, Google Workspace, Office 365), and offers the services included in the SIPT catalog.

Moreover, another function of this service is to administer, along with this university’s Service of Communication, the institutional YouTube channel for everything related to editing and publishing videos, in addition to the comprehensive management of said channel. The SIPT also assumes functions for designing electronic texts and managing the different digital platforms for UMH Publishing.

The SIPT is also tasked with operating and evolving this institution’s mobile application, UMH App, in both iOS and Android versions alike. This application has become a benchmark for the university community, it is continually growing, whose updated versions incorporate new features for every UMH group.

This service is also charged with developing and maintaining all applications referring to the handling and management of information on academic, economic, administrative, and research levels, as well as the Moodle-based UMH virtual campus, the Miguel Hernández University of Elche website,, and the platform of multi-service blogs based on WordPress.

All of this is built upon a commitment to continuous improvement, adapting to a dynamic environment of teaching and research, and enhancing customer service through such commitment and efficiency.

Therefore, applying quality guidelines established by university management and fulfilling proposed objectives when defining strategies are permanent objectives of the SIPT.